A special showing of Rhys original pencil & ink drawings of live music…

…are on view in a charming setting: The Café at The Collection at 520 Royal Street, located within the historic Brulatour courtyard of The Historic New Orleans Collection, a museum in the French Quarter. Music scene photographs by Steve Rapport alternate with Rhys originals on the walls of the Café, which serves up delectable edibles and drinks.  Café hours are Wednesday to Saturday, 9:30am–4:00pm; and Sunday, 10:30am–4:00pm. The Café is closed Mondays/Tuesdays.

The artworks by Rhys are presented here on this webpage for purchase, or you can send us a note using the contact form to alert us of your interest in a specific artwork. You can also make an appointment at Rhys’ storefront French Quarter art gallery at 1036 Royal Street to purchase there, and we will bring the artwork from the Café. For those who live outside of New Orleans, we ship using AirFloat Systems’ StrongBoxes with customizable foam inserts to protect the artworks in transit.  Shipping charges are determined by choice of carrier and distance. 

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