Artist Emilie Rhys offers portrait commissions in two formats: on paper using pen & ink, and on canvas or copper using oil paints. Please fill out the contact form below to inquire about specifics, let us know what you’re interested in, and start the conversation.  Our 2020 price list is available here :

Portrait Commissions

Commissioning an original Rhys portrait of you or of a loved one will result in a cherished heirloom for the recipient. Ms. Rhys is renowned for capturing what she calls a “living likeness” of her models, and to achieve this she much prefers to work from live observation of the model in the studio. Thus every portrait is drawn and/or painted during one or more live portrait sessions.

The painting studio is centrally located in the French Quarter, and sessions may be scheduled anytime between 10am through to evening. The model is welcome to invite anyone they would like to accompany them to sessions. Spending time in Ms. Rhys’s private art studio is an amazing experience and we hope to share that with you and the gift of art for someone special.

We can help you get exactly what you are looking for by working within a particular budget and size requirement. Please contact us to go over your options!

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