#O75ca13_Unframed painting “French Quarter Rooftop View #6”


24″x18″ original unframed oil painting on a stretched linen canvas surfaced with layers of tissue paper providing a finely wrought visible texture, finished with a brushed/scraped/poured oil ground, applied and fully cured prior to beginning the actual image. Ms. Rhys has been prepping canvases in this unique manner for circa forty years, greatly contributing to the richness of the final artwork.

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This one-of-a kind original oil on canvas painting was begun by New Orleans artist Emilie Rhys on February 4, 2013, in a room on the third floor of a French Quarter townhouse on Orleans Street, where Rhys had a temporary studio for a few months, looking out a window and painting this view oriented up towards Rampart Street. This image is number six in the rooftop series begun on January 21, 2013, a total of fourteen drawings and canvases begun in that studio, most completed in 2013, but a few--such as this painting--not completed until 2023.