#O48ca13_Framed painting “Trombone in a Chair #4”

40″ x 30″ original oil painting on linen canvas, in custom wood frame, 46.75″ x 36.75″, 3″ wide, 1.5″ deep; with a 1″ white linen liner.

The frame has an antique silver finish with red and black undertones. The artwork is painted on a 1.5″ deep canvas and when installed in the frame together they project 3″ off the wall.

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This one-of-a kind original oil on canvas painting was begun by New Orleans artist Emilie Rhys on January 30, 2013, painting an actual trombone in a chair set up at her French Quarter art studio as a large-format still-life.

The painting celebrates the richness of both the instrument itself, with its old worn burnished brass, and equally the charming setting of a French Quarter house party in which a musician has set their trombone down on a chair to go on break. The artist resumed work on the canvas numerous times over the years, completing it in 2017. The artist went back into the canvas in 2023, using palette knives to add thick paint to all of the window panes of the French doors in the background, and to the trombone itself.

The artwork is painted on a stretched linen canvas surfaced with layers of tissue paper providing a finely wrought visible texture, finished with a brushed/scraped/poured oil ground, applied and fully cured prior to beginning the actual image. Ms. Rhys has been prepping canvases in this unique manner for over forty years, greatly contributing to the richness of the final artwork.