#8207_Preservation Hall AllStars featuring Kevin Louis


18″ x 24″ unframed original drawing on off-white 93 lb (150 gm) archival paper

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This one-of-a-kind unframed original pencil and ink drawing was created by New Orleans artist Emilie Rhys on November 1, 2017, during a live music performance in the courtyard at The Historic New Orleans Collection. Just prior to working on this drawing, Rhys delivered a talk to a small audience exploring the theme of art and music in her family of artists, including not only her locally well-known father Noel Rockmore, but also her painter-grandmother Gladys Rockmore Davis.

Appearing in the drawing L-R are David L. Harris, trombone; Kevin Louis, cornet/bandleader; Louis Ford, clarinet; Ernie Elly, drums; Mitchell Player, bass; and Rickie Monie, keyboard.

The musicians will receive a cash commission from the sale of this artwork in which they are depicted.