#8101_Framed painting of Robin Barnes


17″ x 14″ original painting on natural off-white 93 lb (150 gm) archival paper; custom wood frame, silver finish, 29″ x 26″, 1.5″ wide, 1.25″ deep; 3.75″ off-white mat, fillet; art floated on off-white mat..

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This one-of-a-kind framed original pencil, ink and watermedia painting was created by New Orleans artist Emilie Rhys on October 20, 2017, during a live music performance at The Historic New Orleans Collection.

While most of the artist's live-music drawings are completed on the spot in the venue, some receive additional work, and in this case the paint was added at the artist's French Quarter art studio.

Ms. Barnes will receive a cash commission from the sale of this artwork in which she is depicted.