Meschiya Lake & Tom McDermott


2014 Poster designed by Mark Fowler of the Tipitina's Music Co-Op utilizing a Rhys drawing of Tom and Meschiya in performance at Chickie Wah Wah to publicize their regular Wednesday evening gig. Available in two sizes: 8"x12" and 20"30".

Brothers in Jazz


It was my honor to spend many afternoons in the fall of 2014 painting a 30"x40" canvas of Steve Steinberg and Fred Hatfield as they told stories and reminisced about their lives, most of it referring to goings-on in New Orleans over the decades. When Steve passed away a year later, Fred made some poignant remarks about their friendship, summing it all up by deeming them "Brothers in Jazz". 30% of profits from the sale of this print will go to the Nickel-A-Dance program in memory of Steve and Fred. Available as a 16”x20” print as seen here, and as an 8”x10” print with just their names and the title.

Washboard Chaz Blues Trio


2014 Poster designed by Rhys utilizing a Rhys drawing from 2012 to promote the Trio's regular gig at the Spotted Cat every Friday night. Available in two sizes: 8"x12" and 24"x36".

Lionel Ferbos, at age 102


2014 graphic design by Mark Fowler of the Tipitina's music Co-Op incorporating a Rhys drawing of the venerable New Orleans music master leading the Palm Court Jazz Band at Maison for the last time at the popular Nickel-A-Dance program held twice a year at Maison. With him are Brian O'Connell, Clarinet; Jamie Wight, Cornet and Wendell Eugene, Trombone. Available as a print, 20"x20".

Sarah McCoy at the Spotted Cat


2014 graphic design by Rhys. Combines two Rhys drawings - created March 20, 2014 during Sarah's performance at the Spotted Cat - to celebrate her regular appearances, currently Monday and Thursday afternoons. Available as a print in two sizes: 8"x12" and 24"36".