New Orleans Music Scene as "seen by Rhys"

Welcome to New Orleans music as seen through the eyes of celebrated local artist Emilie Rhys whose studio art (oil paintings of music-themed subjects) and fine-art pen and ink drawings created during live performances in the city’s famous clubs and festivals capture the energy, intensity, color and movement so vividly that you can hear the music in the artwork.​  

We at Scene by Rhys Fine Art care deeply about musicians and in homage to their inspiration we share with them cash commissions from sales of art in which they are depicted. 

the artist

A 3rd generation artist whose art career spans over 40 years, Emilie Rhys has since October 24, 2011 been prolifically producing original artworks of musicians during live performances around New Orleans. Pencil & ink on paper is her preferred live action medium, but she is also an accomplished life-long painter in oils, one whose insistence on direct live observation of her models in the studio is among the factors that contribute to distinguishing her work from her contemporaries.

Visit “ABOUT THE ARTIST” to learn about her family in art , her tortuous path in life, and her own development — despite all odds — to become a successful person and creative force. 

Visit “PROCESS” to explore her methods and unique approach to art making.

Visit “PAST WORKS” to get a glimpse into the artworks of her past and how they lead into her current work.

Visit “ON THE SCENE” for views of Rhys working in public.

Download her “CV” to peruse her accomplishments and news media coverage.

available work

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news & events

artist at work

“Amazing experience from beginning to end. Emilie gives 10% back to the musicians she draws when she sells the piece, a wonderful way to support the whole art scene.”

Music lover

“Your work visualizes the energy of the music and in so doing captures ( does not freeze) the spontaneity of the jazz moments.  There seems to be oneness between you, the drawing activity/experience and the music that I imagine to be meditative. You have a strong hand.”


“This piece captures the spirit of Preservation Hall for me, from the intimacy and ‘closeness’ of the space, to how some musicians are resting quietly while other are jammin’, to the audience who is absorbing it in each their own way and world, that is exactly how it looked to me.”

Art collector

“We’ve moved and aren’t able to witness all this fab stuff.  You rule!”

Van Dyke

“Brilliant work! Emilie has a unique perspective on life in New Orleans.”


iconic location

Between Bourbon and Royal Street in the historic French Quarter, Scene By Rhys Fine Art sits snug in the courtyard at 708 Toulouse.
Pay us a visit in person and spend a moment to flip through some of the sketchbooks, a unique view of the local music scene, as seen by Rhys (hence our name!).

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