Adelante - 1999


Carlos Lomas posed for this painting in Rhys' Santa Fe, NM art studio in 1998. He is a Flamenco guitarist based in northern New Mexico. He and his late wife Gioia Tama for more than three decades were influential teachers and proponents of classic flamenco music and dance.

Al Momento - 2009


Carlos Lomas chose this oil painting Rhys had created of him to adom the cover of the re-release of his 2004 CD, 'Al Momento'.

Hot Classicism - 2016


“Hot Classicism”, a 2016 release by Kris Tokarski, features three Rhys drawings, two of which (of Kris Tokarski and Andy Schumm) were created live at Snug Harbor and the third, of Hal Smith performing with Kris and Andy at the Old U.S. Mint, came from a photo by Don Keller.

Word Shadows & Ghost Notes - 2015


The musician, Andy J. Forest, posted for this 36"x36" Oil on Linen painting in Rhys' French Quarter art studio between January and May 2015.


Visit Andy J. Forest's website for CD and performance information.

Blue Turning Grey - 2013


For the cover art of this New Orleans Jazz Vipers release, the band commissioned Rhys to create a drawing of the band performing at the Spotted Cat.


Visit the New Orleans Jazz Viper's website for CD and performance information.

New Orleans Rendezvous - 2015


A Rhys composite drawing from old photos graces this G.S.Buck Foundation release of 1990s recordings by Evan Christopher, Koen de Cauter and David Paquette.


Visit the Foundation's Jazzology Records website for CD information.

Seva Venet - 2014


For the cover of 'Revisiting New Orleans String Bands', Seva Venet commissioned this Rhys drawing utilizing a circa 1890's photograph of a string band to create the image.


Visit the Seva Venet website for CD and performance information.

City of Timbres - 2015


This new CD's musicians Aurora Nealand and Tom McDermott are featured in a Rhys drawing on the back cover.


Visit Tom's McDermott's website for CD and performance information.

In My Father's House - 2016


The drawings featured on the cover and sprinkled throughout Antoine Diel and Sam Kuslan's 2016 release "In My Father's House" were created during the course of several very intense weeks. Rhys was honored to be invited to draw the musicians during rehearsals, during performances, and finally during the recording sessions at Esplanade Studios.